Science Research Technology

Mining Activities


- Extracting, operating, purchasing and leasing underground, surface and space mineral and natural resources, provided that permission is       obtained from the necessary places.
- Obtaining a mining exploration license, searching for minerals, requesting operating rights, transferring mining rights that are transferable     with operating licenses.
-To operate all kinds of mines, marbles, stones, lime, clay, coal quarries, provided that permission is obtained from the relevant places.
- Searching for gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, chromium, iron and all kinds of precious and semi-precious ores within the scope of the mine,   provided that the relevant legislation is complied with,Extracting, processing, buying, selling, importing and exporting.


-All kinds of cutable and polishable stones, provided that they comply with the relevant legislation; exploration, extraction, processing of stones such as marble, granite, diahaz, travarten, onyx, bozalt,trading, importing and exporting.
- Searching, extracting and processing all kinds of semi-precious and precious stones, provided that they comply with the relevant legislation.
Provided that the relevant legislation is complied with, the company covers industrial raw materials, clay groups, kaolin, diatomite, feldspar, quartz and quartzites, talc, profilite, borox, calcite and mines.To search, extract, process, buy and sell, import and export all products.
-All kinds of semi-precious and precious stones, opal, beryl groups, emerald, diamond, ruby, sipinel, agate and wood agate all silica group stones, provided that they comply with the relevant legislation.search, extraction, processing.
-To open and operate all kinds of coal mines, provided that they comply with the relevant legislation.
-Buying, selling, importing and exporting coke, charcoal, lignite coal.
- To buy, sell, market, import and export all kinds of forest products used as fuel, especially wood and other derivatives.
- Establishing a turnkey mining business, operating the established business, transferring, leasing. To act as an intermediary in the buying and selling of mine sites belonging to other enterprises.- To determine the mine sites and estimated reserves within the scope of geographical information systems, geological surveys and preliminary work and to create maps,To ensure the development of necessary products and devices for
-To produce, develop and sell underground personnel tracking systems in accordance with the relevant legislation, to make contracts with domestic and foreign manufacturers and vendors, to act as an intermediary for buying and selling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Within the scope of mining consultancy activities, Anatolia Ore Science Research Technology Company operates in all areas of mining, such as mining site buying and selling, mine site survey consultancy, ore detection and analysis, Rsgis studies, development and trade of the equipment needed by the mining enterprise. In addition, it carries out R&D consultancy activities such as technological and scientific research, innovation, product design and development in line with your demands.



Anatolia Ore Science Research Technology Consultancy offers you the solutions your company needs with optimum benefit.


Science, research, technology is a way of life and 

R&D is the main field of activity of Anatolia Mining Company.


Anatolia Ore Science Research Technology Company prepares your company for the future with optimum planning, experienced human resources and the right approaches in accordance with the needs of the century. It offers improvement activities to existing companies.