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Ayc Anatolia Ore Mining Ltd. is a universal company operating in the fields of scientific research and development, technology, mining, consultancy, education, agency and media, agriculture.

Space Mining Projects

As Ayc Anatolia Ore Mining Research Technology Science company, we are starting the project development studies for space mining. Consultancy support will be given to those who plan to do space mining by conducting R&D studies on the development of systems for the extraction of minerals in planets and stars. If we reach the targeted turnovers within the scope of our company's vision, we will actually start the space mining works. In today's conditions, the first step to be taken on behalf of space mining will be to work on meteorites that come to visit our planet. As Ayc Anatolia Ore Mining company, it is our biggest goal to take our place in the space mining adventure, which will start with asteroids in our orbit and continue with meteorites and planets in the solar system. It is our company's vision to be beneficial to humanity and to reach solutions for humanity with our team that we will carry out simulation researches. As Ayc Anatolia Ore company, we are trying to accelerate space mining by sharing the information we will obtain and the projects we will develop with all companies and organizations working in this field. 


Contact: spacemining@anatoliamining.com



about anatolıa

Science, research, technology is a way of life and 

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