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Within the scope of mining consultancy activities, Anatolia Ore Science Research Technology Company operates in all areas of mining, such as mining site buying and selling, mine site survey consultancy, ore detection and analysis, Rsgis studies, development and trade of the equipment needed by the mining enterprise. In addition, it carries out R&D consultancy activities such as technological and scientific research, innovation, product design and development in line with your demands.

About Anatolia Media&Agency


Our activities as Ayc Anatolia Media:
All kinds of domestic and international cinema, television, serials, documentary films, commercials will be produced and actors will be cast in theater plays.
Casting agencies, application tools, every domestic and international fashion applications and fashion show programs, planning, model and model application, training and education.
The actors who will take part in this montage, applied and operate discount human and modeling agencies, are well-designed.
To achieve the vision and mission, for manufacturers of all kinds and management services, with the objectives to be worked on with molds, mannequins and modeling, and with the aim of purchasing contracts, designs with domestic and foreign products, international organization, universities and agencies related to foreign products. to create
- Courses for the training and education of actors, models, technical staff and personal training for movies, TV series, theaters, all kinds of shows, fashion, fashion shows and dance arts related to the subject of the company are developed with training courses, private training centers and private training. , to purchase archives, libraries, reading halls and general education schools, to provide educational scholarships, to receive education and training in the country and abroad, to purchase, to purchase and to lease educational institutions.

Contact information for all agency related matters:

Call   : +90 541 123 38 05

E-Mail: media@anatoliamining.com


Anatolia Ore Science Research Technology Consultancy offers you the solutions your company needs with optimum benefit.


Science, research, technology is a way of life and 

R&D is the main field of activity of Anatolia Mining Company.


Anatolia Ore Science Research Technology Company prepares your company for the future with optimum planning, experienced human resources and the right approaches in accordance with the needs of the century. It offers improvement activities to existing companies.